Coolest Fairy House Mushroom Cake

I made this Fairy House Mushroom Cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. I used two cake mixes, one for the house and one for the roof. For both the top and bottom of the cake I used a dome shaped baking tin. Once the bottom of the cake was cooked and cooled, I shaped the cake so it had less of a dome shape.

After the cakes had both cooled I then stuck the roof part onto the house part(using icing on the top of the bottom one to act as glue). I then iced both the cakes in a different colour icing. I then proceeded to decorate the cakes with various lollies and decorations.

The mushrooms were made using 2 different sized marshmallows, glued together with icing and dusted with cocoa. I found the fairies in a $2 shop and used a sparkler instead of a candle to give it that “magical look”.

This cake was fairly easy to make, however I found the writing gels tended to melt down the cake. My daughter loved it & even though it was not “perfect looking” I was happy with it.

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