Fairy Tea Party Cake

When my youngest daughter was turning 3, I knew it was my last chance to choose what she had for a birthday cake… and I’ve always wanted to do a Fairy tea party, since seeing something similar on your website.  Bel was having a joint party with her best friend, and I agreed to make the cake, which put the pressure on to make it good!

Because it was a joint party I made a really big, double layer rectangular base of sponge cake (using a roasting tin actually), and then made a ‘toadstool’ by baking half sponge amount each in 2 different size Pyrex bowls (& trimming one down a bit).  You don’t actually need any special baking or decorating equipment, there’s so much you can do with what’s to hand.  I made a HUGE amount of butter icing to decorate the base, using some green gel to tint the naturally yellow butter icing a passable shade of green, it was a bit nerve wracking as it looked pretty unappetizing on its own.  Once it started coming together though it looked better.  I fixed the toadstool pieces together with icing and toothpicks, and decorated them with rolled out icing, using milk & different bottle lids to cut out the white spots (which fixed on with a touch of water).

I’d secretly bought some fairy figurines in a wonderful fairy shop while on holiday, and found a teeny tiny ceramic tea set by chance – that’s how the whole idea came about.  I made a picnic blanket by rolling a white rectangle out and used a teapot shaped biscuit cutter in the middle, then replaced the shape with a red cutout teapot from leftover icing.  For the sandwiches I just layered white icing with some red in the middle and cut them into tiny triangles, the jelly is a glace cherry cut in half, with a tiny spot of white icing on top – an idea copied from that fabulous fairy cake on your site, also a pretty rounded sweet went on.  I placed everything on, added a little chocolate button path, and decorated with some icing flowers and ladybirds I’d bought and leaves I cut (because it was a joint cake I pushed the boat out on extras).  Lastly I made a little sign to finish it off – also because I couldn’t figure out how to ice both their names onto the cake without making a mess (I’m not good at writing icing).  The girls loved it, and each chose a fairy & squeezy bath toadstool to keep, then handed the other fairies to their special friends.  The other Mum was very happy with it too, phew!  A very easy but very effective cake to put together.

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