Coolest Finn McMissile Cake

Finn McMissile was created and sculpted from a number of sponge layers made in a rectangular tin which measured 8 x 12 inches. The sculpting was fairly easy to do by following different pictures from different angles of Finn. The cake was then filled with a mixture of jam and butter cream and a crumb layer of butter cream applied. White rolled fondant was used and colored by adding blue coloring until the right color was achieved.

When covering the cake you will find that you will create better definition of the car when you work and mold the fondant. The windows and windscreen were made from colored rolled fondant and stuck on using edible glue. Wing mirrors were again made with fondant with a little tylose powder added and a small cocktail stick inserted to make sure they stayed attached to the cake! This was an enjoyable project and I now look forward to attempting the other characters from Cars !!!

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