Coolest Fit for a King Crown Cake

Our church was having a fundraiser with a competition for table decorating including food. I was approached by a group of men to help them with a cake. They needed indigo and ivory colors. Getting the indigo was the hardest part. The men wanted to be Kings, nothing girly.

I used a box cake mix, following directions on box, baked in 9 inch round pans. Bake as directed, cool, and removed from pans. I set the cakes in the freezer for two hours to set (it really helps when it comes to frosting the cake). While the cakes were setting in the freezer I started on the chocolate pieces needed.

Using the Wilton candy mold, vanilla candy melts and ivory candy coloring (the vanilla is close enough if you can’t find the ivory coloring). I made the points and round swirl disk from the mold. I made about 24 (only needed 16 but wanted extras for breakage) points and 15 round swirls (only used 12, but again wanted extras in case).

After the two hours, I then crumb coated the bottom layer. I placed a raspberry filling on the bottom layer then placed the top layer on. I crumb coated the entire cake at that time. I used ready made frosting with extra confectionery sugar for thickness and sweetness. I mixed the frosting into the indigo color (hardest color to make). Hopefully you can find the color mix from Wilton.

I mixed some frosting into the ivory color (using Wilton frosting color). I frosted the entire cake with the indigo. I put the finishing touches on the cake an hour before it needed to be displayed. The points are lined up on the top of the cake, a little in from the edge, this keeps them in place and upright without sliding down the side, the round swirls around the side of the cake evenly spread out.

Using left over frosting add details with dots in a pattern to look like jewels. I added the dots to the candy swirls. The men loved the cake and won first place with my help. They also raised good money from the sale of the cake.

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