Coolest Homemade Bright Pink Flip Flop Birthday Cake

This homemade flip-flop birthday cake was made for my best friend for her 27th birthday. She has so many flip flops that I have lost count. She wears them all year round so I thought this would be perfect for her!

I started by baking a 13/9 chocolate cake and filling it with Bavarian cream filling. Then I cut the cake long ways in half. I used cut out card board shapes of flip flops I traced for templates. I laid the cardboard on top of the cakes and just cut around them. Then I covered them both in butter cream and covered them in pink fondant.

The straps are made from the left over pink and green fondant and then marbled them together and cut them out with the ribbon cutter. I used a toothpick covered in the same fondant for the toe separator part.

I used edible glitter and peppermint schnapps to make it shiny and sparkly. The alcohol makes the glitter not clump together and dries faster than water. The flowers are fondant and the letters and marbled fondant I had left over from another cake.

This homemade flip flop birthday cake was a big hit at the party and was pretty tasty too! I recommend making homemade fondant and butter cream – it tastes much better and is much easier to work with.

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