Cool Homemade Flip Flop Cake

I made this Flip Flop Cake for a fourth of July BBQ. It was a big hit! It is a strawberry cake with vanilla icing covered in white Fondant. I used a ready-made cake mix.

I used a 13 X 9 inch cake pan. I traced a flip-flop onto a piece of paper and then made two flip flops from the cake. I iced it with vanilla icing. I rolled out the white fondant and covered the icing with it. You just smooth it out over the cake and then trim around the cakes. I used red and blue fondant to make the stars, daisies and the straps for the flip-flops.

To attach the stars, daisies, and straps I used water and a small paint brush. You just put a small amount of water with the paint brush and place the pieces on the cake. I used ready made fondant which I found in a local craft store.

The fondant was pretty easy to work with; you just need to move quickly because it dries fast and it is harder to worker with.

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