Coolest Garbage Truck Cake

My son loves garbage trucks, so I had to make him a garbage truck cake. I started off with a half sheet pan for my cake. I just used store cake mix, baked it then cut it into a rectangle ( the bed of the truck ) and then made the cab another square.

I made circles out of the left over parts for tires. I had some odds and ends left over also, I made recycle bins. The garbage trucks that come to our house are orange, and he wanted orange ones. I mixed Wilton brown and orange food coloring to make the orangeish color. I iced the cake and colored the recycle bins with left over icing.

I then used the small tip to outline the cake with left over brown icing and colored in the tires with that same icing. I got the idea from here. It was really easy to make and cut out.

Every one loved the cake, especially my son.

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