My daughter wanted a Hamster cake to go along with her Littlest Pet Shop Party theme. She also wanted the hamster to resemble our own beloved pet hamster.

I left the cake in the cake pan to create the illusion of a cage. I created the hamster by covering a Twinkie with homemade marshmallow fondant. The wheel was crafted by inserting thin wire into Twizzler’s and creating two circles. I then cut shorter pieces of Twizzler’s and inserted toothpicks through them so they would stick to each side of the circles creating spokes for the wheel.

The little house was formed by stacking 6 Twinkies and covering them with fondant. I also created the food dish, carrots and food nuggets with fondant. The litter was crushed ice cream cones sprinkled over the cake (which was frosted with buttercream frosting).

Last but not least, I rolled tiny little pieces of black fondant to create the poo corners – realism at its best! Believe it or not, all the girls wanted to eat a piece of cake from the poo corner. They thought it was hilarious. This Hamster Littlest Pet Shop Cake was actually a pretty easy cake to create and loads of fun, too.

Coolest Hamster Littlest Pet Shop Cake