Coolest Giant Cupcake

Hi all. For this cake I used the giant cupcake tin I found at Kmart for $4!! Bargain!! So I filled the bottom section of the cupcake first and cooked for 15 mins and then added to the troop of tin and cooked for a further 45 mins. It does take quite a while for it to bake.

I then froze it and then sliced inside to layer it. The batter is light pink and I glued them together with dark pink. To make the case for the bottom I used white choc melted and then lined the cupcake and put in fridge to set, waited 20 mins and then lined it again, left to set. Put a crumb coat on and then iced with flowers and then just decorated with the lolly flowers and balls. Candle will go right on the top.

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