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Coolest Girl Baby Bootie and Blanket Shower Cake

Well first, let me say, that this Girl Baby Bootie and Blanket Shower Cake was my very first fondant cake! So it literally took me 14 hours to make start to finish! But boy was it worth it from all of the wonderful compliments at the baby shower!

I searched the internet for ideas and watched youtube instruction videos on how to make the bows. The bottom tier was 2 12″ vanilla cakes 2′ thick each. The middle tier was 2 9″ chocolate cakes 2″ thick each. And the top tier was 1 6″ vanilla tier. I ended up removing this piece and wrapping it up for the mother-to-be to take home.

I covered the bottom tier first in a crumb coat of butter cream frosting then white fondant. Make sure you chill the cake at least 20 minutes with the butter cream first before you add the fondant. Then I crumb coated the middle tier and chilled it. I rolled out pink fondant (Satin Ice pink and Wilton White mixed together for lighter pink color). I made the quilt marks with a yard stick and the roller/cutter tool made by Wilton (at Michaels). NOTE- Make sure your fondant is rolled thicker than usual so you do not cut right through it when making the quilt marks. The quilt ended up breaking off in spots when I was covering the cake with it. So I ended up having to glue it back together in SEVERAL spots. That is how the draping effect came about. I was going to just leave it flush to the cake but ended up with great draping effect due to the breakage.

Covered the top tier in white fondant and then made the pink bows and ribbon out of pink fondant. The green flowers are just fondant cut outs and glued on edible white pearls in center. Shoes were made with pink fondant with added tylose powder for strength and hardening effect. I have a pattern for the shoes that was traced and cut out of the fondant.

This cake fed 60 people easily. Hope you like!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Girl Baby Bootie and Blanket Shower Cake”

  1. You did an excellent job on this cake, especially since it was your first fondant ever. I love it as I know everyone else that has had the privilege to view it does!

  2. I had to leave a comment. You did a wonderful job on this cake. I couldn’t believe it when you said it was your first cake. You sure wouldn’t know it. Awesome job.


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