My cake is a two tier cake with two layers in each tier. The bottom tier was made with a 9 inch pan and the top tier with a 6 inch pan. Both tiers are vanilla cake dyed  fuchsia with vanilla frosting. Both tiers are covered in homemade marshmallow fondant which I then sprayed silver and added black fondant to make ‘zebra stripes’. The cake is decorated with lots of girly things…Chanel lipstick, a mini Coach purse, O.P.I. nail polish, some make up and brushes, fondant pearls and a compact with the letter ‘T’ for my friend’s name. All were sculpted with krispie treats covered in fondant. The banner on the front was made by rolling out the fondant and using a small paintbrush and black frosting color to write ‘Another Year of Fabulous’.

My cake was made for one of my closest friend, Tammy. She has been an inspiration to me this past year and has been such a blessing to my family and me. I lost my mother last October shortly after meeting her. Without her, I don’t know how I would have made it through. She was such an amazing source of comfort to me. Her birthday was just this past week…I’ve been planning this cake for months!! This is the first cake that I have designed myself and I was pleased with the results. She is quite the stubborn lady so I had a difficult time getting the cake to her on her birthday! It took a lot of sneaking!

I had to contact her mother to meet me…which was even more confusing than had I just left it in the parking lot where she works!! Finally though, it worked out. When she finally received the cake, I received an absolutely beautiful message of thanks. She was very surprised and touched. I wanted the cake to represent Tammy and make her realize that I listen to her and know her as a person…not just someone who always has an ear to listen to me or a shoulder for me to cry on. Tammy has been such an incredible friend and this cake was my (very small) way of saying ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘You’re Fabulous’ all in one shot!