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Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

I made this Guitar Birthday Cake for my son’s 18th birthday. I had bought a Wilton guitar mold, but it was too small. I decided to draw a picture of a guitar on parchment paper. I did this by looking at his guitar.

I used four boxes of banana cake mix for the body and two boxes for the neck. The body was covered with chocolate frosting and the neck with white buttercream. The faceplate was cut out of fondant, as well as the the tuning knobs. The silver parts are just covered with Wilton pearlized sprinkles.

Most pictures I looked at had very crooked lines for the strings, so what I did was to get toothpicks and attach white thread from one toothpick to the other. I then inserted one toothpick into the bridge and one into the tuning knob. For more tension on the strings, all I had to do was twist the toothpick.

Hope this helps anyone else thinking about making a guitar cake! I would love to hear comments on my cake, since this was my first try at this!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake”

  1. HI,

    First of all let me tell u that is a beautiful cake.I also submitted many cakes on this site but I got only one comment so far.Keep doing the great work…no comments doesn’t mean that no one has seen the cake.

  2. Love your cake…Looking for a cake for my son’s 18th B-Day and thought about one like this…Thanks for the tips, you did a great job!!


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