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Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

My friend and co-worker asked me to make a Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake for her son’s birthday. My husband and I worked together to form the cake to look like an authentic electric guitar. After a trip to a music store to research and buy guitar strings, we began our work.

The cake base, guitar neck and frets are all made of wood. My husband placed 2 wooden inserts onto the base (which were covered with foil) and used to secure the guitar neck.

Finally, a single layer sheet cake was made and cut to fit the wooden base. After frosting the cake, fondant was used to cover the guitar base. This was spray painted using the air brush to look like the guitars we had researched.

Finally, the neck of the guitar was fastened to the wood inserts. Then the strings were attached to the neck at the top and to the final inset at the bottom of the guitar front.

There was more wood work than cake work but it made the guitar look more authentic. My friend’s son was floored to have the “coolest guitar cake” for his birthday!

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

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