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Coolest Guitar Birthday Cake

This guitar birthday cake was super easy to make! And it was fun! The idea to do this was to cheer up my nephew who had was recently released from the hospital. We had to postpone his “Superstar theme” birthday party for the following week.

I wanted to give him the best gift ever so what better than a guitar cake. A professional tried to charge $300 a guitar shaped cake and mine definitely turned out better! I don’t have any baking experience, but this was ridiculously easy! This is how I did it.

I used 4 boxes of regular cake mix (super moist chocolate flavor). Two boxes of cake mix for each rectangular mold. The rectangle molds were the deep wide kind (the kind your mom makes chicken in! not sure of the exact measurements). You pick the size according to how big you want the guitar shape!

While its baking, draw in pencil, the shape of the body of the guitar on a soft (bendable) cardboard or any surface really! Cut out the shape and place on top of one of the cooled rectangle shaped cakes. Make sure it has cooled completely!

The other rectangle cake is for you to cut out the bar of the guitar (where the strings are and the tip with knobs). I sliced two bars and joined them together later. The icing will cover up the cracked parts so perfection is not needed.

I joined two cardboards with packing tape and wrapped in foil for the base for the display of the guitar. Then I placed all parts of the cake that made it into the guitar shape and covered with icing.

The icing is homemade whip cream (its better because you control the sugar that goes into it!). In this recipe I decided to make it blue for my nephew’s 10th Birthday! Just add food coloring to whip cream!!

The other colors of frosting on the cake are from the grocery store (the tube kind and plastic container kind!). All details were drawn free hand (I was rushed by family!) but because I like to draw it was easier. If anything, trace all shapes after putting base frostings (TIP: guitar strings- you can use fishing line on top of frosting to trace the lines so they come out straight, remove fishing line, then use whatever color tube frosting to go over on top!) The dots are chocolate chips turned upside down and the knobs are toothpick (wrapped with aluminum foil) and half cut Hershey kisses!

Everything was edible besides the Wammie bar which is a regular stick wrapped in foil. Every one loved it and I even got offers to make some extra $$ on the side. The guests all wanted one for their kid’s birthday parties! So trust me, YOU CAN MAKE THIS!

(TIP: Be creative, use candy as substitutes, and most of all…have fun doing it!)

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