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Cool Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake Design

This was my first Guitar Birthday Cake Design – I used a guitar hero game guitar as a template to cut the correct shape from a basic butter almond flavored cake, crumb coated it twice with buttercream then covered it in black fondant and added fondant and gumpaste details. To get the gold details on the guitar, I colored my fondant a golden yellow, cut out each piece then painted them with gold luster dust. I attached the tuning keys with a toothpick and positioned them in such a way that they actually turned.

I “borrowed” my daughter’s guitar pics to sprinkle around the cake board for a little extra added touch. The cake is a replica of the birthday boy’s guitar with his band name on it. The only thing I had trouble with was strings…I didn’t want to use icing because I wanted them to be super straight so they would look more authentic and I didn’t want to use anything non-edible (I’ve seen people use dental floss)…so I chose to leave them off.

It still looked okay and the birthday boy and all his friends LOVED it!

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