My favorite cousin’s birthday was not to be ignored. I would do my very best to make him a cake he would always remember.

My cousin has been playing guitar since he was nine, he is so amazing. I didnt want to make one that people would look at and say’ oh nice job’, I wanted,’ wow, how did you do that?’ I started by taking measurements of his own guitar while he was at work, every piece and every angle. I traced his guitar so I was sure it would be the same size as his real guitar. I made a template, baked a lot of sheet cake and got started.

I had to decide what to make the details from, the strings, his favorite pic, the little details one wouldnt think of. Once I cut the cake , then came the coloring issues. The colors were a challenge, I struggled but managed to get real close.

I made some of the parts from fondant and attached them with skewers, and piped as much of the details as I could, the strings are a little crooked. It started to come together, with his favorite picture being the finishing touch. This was my first cake this size, I enjoyed it, even through the coloring challenges.