Coolest Guitar Cake

I made this guitar cake for my dad’s birthday. He loves to play and trade guitars and his name just happens to be Les Paul, so I thought this cake would be very fitting.

I didn’t have to buy any special pans to make this cake which was nice. I made it all with one 11 x 15in pan. I started by drawing out the guitar on a poster board and I cut it into three sections: the body, the neck, and the very end. I used these as templates. I used a traditional red velvet recipe with icing that could be stored at room temperature because the cake was too long to fit in the fridge.

After I baked the cake and let it cool, I put it in the freezer before I cut out the shapes I needed. I used fondant icing over the whole top of the cake for decorating, even the white part; red velvet icing isn’t real good for decorating on. I used my templates again to cut out the shapes I needed for the fondant. I didn’t use fondant icing for the strings; they were piped on last.

Coloring the fondant took forever so if you can find the icing in the colors you wanted I would definitely recommend buying it.

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  1. John told me about this cake b/c I am crazy obsessed with guitars lately. I am impressed. We took a couple of classes together in college. I sure hope that you remember me. I heard through the grapevine that you are living in my hometown. Send me your number; I would love to meet your family. I will call next time I am in the Brownwood area.



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