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Easy Homemade Halloween Ghost Cupcake Cake

For this Halloween Ghost Cake I used 32 cupcakes and I used 2 boxes of yellow cake and 2 things of icing you may need it depends on size and how many people. Then once all the cupcakes have cooled then you ice each one of them then you make the shape of your ghost. I added another coat of white icing on top after I put them together.

Then I took black icing and drew the eyes and the mouth. In the middle I also wrote BOO! in black icing. The platform is a cardboard box, flatten it, I had to duct tape mine because it wouldn’t stay straight. Then I wrapped it in foil and walla! you have a base board. This all took about an hour or two to get it done, kinda time consuming but I thought it was worth it.

I hope you like it.

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