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Cool Homemade Black and Orange 3D Halloween Spider Cake

This Halloween spider cake was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made.

I used 2 Pyrex bowls to make the head and body.

I froze the cakes overnight because it helps keep the crumbs packed down so you don’t have a mess. I cut just a small amount off one end of each cake so the head and body would fit together.

I made royal icing at least 24 hours before decorating the cake to allow plenty of time to dry. On wax paper I taped to my counter top I made some circles for the eyes I tinted some black to make the pupils and glue to hold the legs together and tinted some orange to make the nose and feet. For the legs cut the Twizlers at an angle and glue them together with the black royal icing. You might need to hold it together for a few minutes. I used red Twizlers because I couldn’t find black.

Save just a little orange royal icing for the day you will decorate the cake to stick the feet onto the Twizlers. Just put it in a ziploc and leave it sitting out.

I made my favorite buttercream frosting and removed about 1-2 cups and tinted it orange. I tinted the rest black. I filled a decorating bag with the orange icing and made lines for the orange stripe. Then another bag with black icing and then I used the Wilton hair/grass tip #233 to cover the head and body then used the same tip with the orange icing to fill in the stripes.

I used candy corn for the mouth!

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