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Cool and Fun Homemade Hamburger Cake

I’m 18 and my little brother requested a hamburger cake for his birthday. I agreed, and the adventure began.

This was made with 1 box yellow cake mix, divided into two 8 inch rounds, and 1 box chocolate cake mix, also divided into two 8 inch rounds (only 1 is used). I rolled and dyed fondant green to make the lettuce. The fondant is simply folded over itself several times to create a “ruffly” lettuce look.

The cheese is also rolled and dyed fondant. I think I got the color pretty exact using both yellow and orange gel food dye. The tomatoes were made by rolling out dyed fondant about a little less than half an inch, then cutting it with a round biscuit cutter. I drew little lines on them with a toothpick to more closely resemble tomato slices.

The ketchup and mustard are just dyed buttercream thickened with powdered sugar then piped onto the cake. The buns of the cake are the two yellow cake rounds. I sliced the round top off the bottom bun so the hamburger patty would lay flat, however I kept the rounded top for the top bun.

The hamburger patty is just an unfrosted 8 inch chocolate cake round. Again, I removed the rounded top of this cake so everything would sit nicely together. The buns are frosted with dyed butter cream and the sesame seeds are just piped buttercream.

This cake really wasn’t that hard, and it was very fun to put together. Good luck everyone!

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