My granddaughter commissioned me to bake her a Hamster cake for her 7th birthday. I’ve made all the cakes for my three grandchildren – a 17 year old, a 7 and 3 year old – dogs, snakes, swimming pools, race cars, Unicorns, but I was a bit intimidated by the hamster cake. This website helped give me some direction. I used a loaf pan for the body, cut half of a ball cake for the head and cut  2 –  4 inch heart shaped spring form pans in halves for the four legs.

I craved the head and shaped the body with the second half of the ball cake. I used flesh colored fondant for the feet and and black for the ears, eyes, etc. I made milk chocolate butter cream frosting and used the #233 tip to make the fur. There were questions if the cake was a whistle pig or gopher, but my granddaughter thought it was a Hamster … that’s all that mattered!!