Cool Homemade Pink Handbag Cake

I got this idea for a Handbag Cake from a photo in a magazine. With my daughter, everything has to be pink or purple so I used both. I used a 20cm round cake tin and cut the cake in half, then stood them up with the cut ends down, I then cut a little off each side at the top to make it slightly rounded. I put a little icing in between the two cakes to help it stay together then iced the whole cake with the dark pink then I put it in the freezer for 5 mins to make the icing easier to smooth and ice on top of, then I smoothed it all and put purple on for the flap and piped lighter pink stars on. The flowers were mini marshmallows cut in half to make petals. The closure on the flap was large silver cachous. The bag handle was a nerds rope, but you could use a marshmallow rope or any long kind of sweet.

This is a pretty easy cake to make, luckily, as I have twins and my son wanted a stockcar which was more of a logistical challenge. (Stockcars in New Zealand are totally different to American ones).

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