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Coolest Homer Simpsons Birthday Cake

I made this Tiramisu / Homer Simpson birthday cake for my brother Nicolai’s 22nd birthday, since he loves both the Simpsons and mocha cakes.

The sponge cake layers were made using a recipe for ladyfingers, but instead of piping ladyfingers, I spooned the mixture into three spring-form pans. Each layer was soaked in espresso and then assembled using a typical Tiramisu filling (mascarpone, heavy cream and zabaglione with marsala). I ended up using one double espresso shot to soak each layer!

I left the cake to set overnight in the refrigerator, and then covered it with marzipan. I let the marzipan dry, and then covered the top of the cake with pink sugarpaste (the sides of the cake were covered with brown sugarpasate to resemble a donut with icing). I cut a Homer-outline out of white sugarpaste, hand-painted it and stuck it onto the pink sugarpaste. Finally I stuck sprinkles onto the pink “icing”.

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