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Coolest Horsey Cake

I made this Homemade Horsey Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I got a couple of different ideas from this site, and others. The body is made from 2 casserole dish cakes on top of each other and then shaved to shape, and the scraps from the shaving made the upper thigh. The neck, head, and legs are rice crispie treats. I covered the “socks” with white fondant first so that when I covered the body with tan that it wouldnt stick to the bottom of the legs and I wouldn’t have to try and take that part off to put the white on.

The mane, tail, and grass are butter cream. The bow and flowers are fondant. Her head is held up by kabob sticks. I was going to put a couple more around the body and cover them with icing and fondant flowers to make them look like tall wild flowers, but I ran out of time. No one seemed to even notice the 2 sticks that were showing. My husband (an equine vet) helped me carve out the shape of the head so it was a little more accurate.

I covered the head and body separately. I sort of wrapped the fondant around the body from the front, and hid the seam with the mane in the back.

Homemade Horsey Cake

Homemade Horsey Cake

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