I made this Human Heart Cake for my oldest brother, he is currently on the heart transplant list in New York. He recently had a procedure done, they had to install whats called an LVAD unit, it assists the flow of blood thru the left side of his heart. This should help him until a transplant becomes available.

He wanted a thank you cake to give the staff at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I told him I’ll make something they will remember.

The heart is made of white vanilla sponge, with a vanilla butter cream filling. I stacked the cake 3 layers high and carved the shape. It was then covered with a butter cream crumb coat and then covered in yellow fondant, details were etched in with fondant tools. I hand painted the cake with red edible paint and left some yellow to show where the veins were. The small veins were piped with red and blue icing. The arteries were molded from fondant along with the LVAD unit. The sterile tray is a vanilla sheet cake covered with fondant and painted silver.

The cake was a huge hit at the hospital. It made more rounds than most of the doctors there. On top of everything else Dr. Oz was there that day and also took a picture with my cake. Although his picture was a little blurry, it was still an awesome day for me.