Coolest Human Heart Cake

I made this Human Heart Cake for my oldest brother, he is currently on the heart transplant list in New York. He recently had a procedure done, they had to install whats called an LVAD unit, it assists the flow of blood thru the left side of his heart. This should help him until a transplant becomes available.

He wanted a thank you cake to give the staff at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, I told him I’ll make something they will remember.

The heart is made of white vanilla sponge, with a vanilla butter cream filling. I stacked the cake 3 layers high and carved the shape. It was then covered with a butter cream crumb coat and then covered in yellow fondant, details were etched in with fondant tools. I hand painted the cake with red edible paint and left some yellow to show where the veins were. The small veins were piped with red and blue icing. The arteries were molded from fondant along with the LVAD unit. The sterile tray is a vanilla sheet cake covered with fondant and painted silver.

The cake was a huge hit at the hospital. It made more rounds than most of the doctors there. On top of everything else Dr. Oz was there that day and also took a picture with my cake. Although his picture was a little blurry, it was still an awesome day for me.

Homemade Human Heart Cake

Homemade Human Heart Cake

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  1. Great Job!!! My best wishes go out to you and your family! I have always felt that putting smiles on people’s faces and sharing positive energy is truly medicine for the soul. Just think about all that you did for not only your Brother but patients and Staff as well. Bravo!!

  2. I too have a son who has a heart condition called hypoplastic left heart. Meaning he doesnt have a left ventrical. He has been thru hell and back and my childrens hospital Riley in indianapolis has been heaven sent. I was just looking for a cake to take to hospital for his 2nd birthday. I need this cake you should sell it I would buy it in a minute.

  3. I do cakes but this one is AMAZING!! It really hit home as my dad had a heart transplant in 2001 and prior to that an LVAD! Awesome job!!! Good luck to your brother! I hope everything goes well and he gets a heart soon!

  4. Thank you everyone, for the great comments. My brother is still a couple of years away from getting transplant, This procedure Has made him much stronger and healthier.
    I’ve been make cakes for less than 3 yrs right now. I do it as a hobby and now starting to sell them. It’s hard because I do work 2 other jobs. I enjoy creating these types of cakes.
    Thx again. Check out my page on Facebook. The Cake Constructor.
    @ Jackie hope your son is doing well, and everyone else.

  5. This is truly amazing! You are talented!!! At what point do you decide to quit your other jobs and do cakes full-time???
    A speedy recovery and healthy life for your brother!
    God bless…

  6. Awesome cake. My sister had a heart transplant almost ten years ago. She has been waiting now for over 10 months. She collects everything with hearts. If you ever decide to sell one like this I would be interested.

  7. Bet nobody wanted to cut the cake! Great job! I’m a cake decorator myself and understand the work that was put into making this.

  8. I love this cake!! I have been admiring it since I first saw it and I just keep going back to look at it every time I’m on this site. As a parent of a child who has had open heart surgery, I know how grateful you are to the doctors and nurses who cared for your brother. What a special treat this must have been for them! I am sure they loved it! And a photo with Dr. Oz… very cool!!! = )

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