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Coolest Hummer Birthday Cake

This Hummer Birthday Cake was ordered for a man who prizes his blue Hummer.


1: baked 2 batches (4 layers) of pound cake)

2: leveled, torted, filled and stacked cake

3: put cake in freezer (makes the cake less crumbly when carving)

4: printed out pictures of front, back and side of hummer to use as a template when carving.

5: carved cake

6: crumb coated cake (crumb coat is a very thin layer of icing used to adhere the fondant to the cake)

7: tinted and roller out fondant with Wilton roller using the orange guides

8: covered cake in blue fondant

9: used a pointed gumpaste tool to outline windonw and doors

10: painted windows black with airbrush color (you can also use regular icing colors mixed with either lemon juice of vodka. If you don’t dilute icing colors with something it will takes days to dry)

11: Made all the small details using fondant.

12: adhered them to the cake using gumglue (gumpaste disolved in water)

13: Sprayed entire cake with luster air brush color to give a realistic sheen.

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