Coolest Ipod Birthday Cake Design

This Homemade Ipod Birthday Cake Design was a birthday cake for my friend’s son. We tried to use his apps. I hand made the apps squares and then painted each one with my daughters help. We used silver dust to create depth. The hardest thing was coloring the white fondant black. I wanted to use chocolate, but the young man hated chocolate! Overall it was a blast to make.

Homemade Ipod Birthday Cake Design

2 thoughts on “Coolest Ipod Birthday Cake Design”

  1. I’m so disappointing that my Iphone cake is below this in the “cakes just added”. Yours makes mine look like a 2 year old made it! Haha! It’s just fantastic, your apps are unreal! I’m so impressed. If i ever try again – I’ll be modelling mine off of yours :)

  2. I’d like to see a recipe to make this cake… I would love to make it for my daughter but i can’t as there is no recipe!


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