Coolest and Easiest iPod Cake

I made this iPod cake for my son’s 15th birthday party. I came up with the idea because my son is always attached to his iPod, oddly not his phone, his iPod. The cake was a strawberry 9×13. I first cut the cake in half and filled it with my homemade butter cream frosting-super easy and way cheaper! By the way, this was my 2nd time working with fondant so I was definitely nervous.

After I filled/frosted the cake, I rolled out pre-made black fondant, very very thin, and covered it. I then used white fondant to cut the ‘icons’ with a 2×2 cookie cutter. The lengthy portion was painting those darn little icons. If you paint your fondant, use vodka like you’d use water for painting. BTW-the vodka won’t let the color sink into the icing. ALSO, the alcohol does evaporate so don’t be afraid. The biggest learning lesson for me is that once you paint the fondant, do not put the cake back into the freezer as this will cause the color to bleed and bubble. Just fix it by using your paint brush (get a GOOD brush from the craft store so your hairs won’t come out-scarey!). You might need more vodka to help clean the edges.

My pics look wet because the cake was defrosting. Remember to give the cake 2-3 hrs to defrost. The kids loved the cake and was gone by morning.

Homemade iPod Cake

Homemade iPod Cake

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