Cool Homemade White iPod Cake

I made this iPod cake for my nephews 14th Birthday. Quick and simple cake to use. Make whatever cake you want (I used Banana as I find it best to have a heavy cake with white icing).

Cut into a rectangle shape. Jam (jelly) the top and sides. Roll white icing to about 3mm (sorry metric!!) thickness and place on top of the cake. Trim any icing off the sides and carefully tuck the remainder under the cake. Colour a bit of white icing grey and make the screen and keypad. Colour the rest of the icing black and make the earphones and the socket attachment at the base of the iPod.

Also use the black icing to make the controls on the round keypad. I used an edible cake pen for the writing etc. but a normal icing pen would work just as well.

Finish it off with some silver cachous. Bingo, you have an iPod cake suitable for any teen!

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade White iPod Cake”

  1. That’s a cool cake, but I don’t know how to make it. put the instructions and ingredients on it so other people can make it too

    p.s. i love your cake

  2. This is just a standard chocolate cake mix
    Icing was royal icing (or white icing – whatever part of the world you’re in!)


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