Coolest iPod Touch Cake

With iPods being all the rage, this cake was a lot of fun to do. It’s a good thing I’m detail-oriented.

A colleague of mine ordered a cake from me for her son’s Confirmation but she wanted something “non-traditional”. Since I did not have a lot of notice, I didn’t want to commit to anything terribly complex so I suggested the iPod touch, since her son loves music, videos and gadgets.

Since the homemade iPod touch cake was for a small family gathering, it only had to feed about 20-25 people. For that reason I chose a 9” x 13” pan and did a yellow, two-layer cake from scratch with chocolate buttercream frosting (also from scratch) which I also used to crumb-coat the cake.

I spent two to three nights, before I even baked the cake, simply working on each individual “App” icon that would go on the iPod screen. This was tedious because of all the different colors and details, but the effort paid off. Each little icon was made of fondant, several had different colors mixed together and some had details drawn on with edible marker.

One of my biggest challenges was rolling the black fondant. It tore at my first attempt to lay it on the cake so I had to re-roll it; and it’s never quite the same the second time around. After getting it in place, and fussing with a particularly frustrating corner, I began the fun task of decorating.

First I laid the outline of the screen and then I began placing the icons. It should be mentioned that I had blown up a photo of an iPod to scale as an exemplar so that I could get the size of the details just right. I used white decorator’s icing to pipe on the lettering and to finish it off– I brushed pearl dust (which I’d mixed with a little vodka) onto the gray border and buttons to give a bit of a metallic effect.

The finished product had the desired effect: jawdropping!

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  1. Thank you so much for your help! I made an Iphone cake for my dad’s 44th birthday – It wasn’t quite as good as this one but he really loved it. So thank you for your inspiration!


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