Coolest iPod Touch Birthday Cake

This is an iPod Touch Birthday Cake for my son’s 12th birthday. He was getting an iPod touch as his birthday gift which inspired this cake. This is my first fondant cake and he was pretty happy. Firstly I made a chocolate mud cake from one cake mix because this is my son’s favorite. I found the density of it made it easier to sculpt. I then took a picture of an ipod and enlarged it to the size of the cake. This way I could see how large the icons needed to be. I cut it out and used this as a template for my cake.

I made marshmallow fondant but could not get the black fondant to go black enough so I had to purchase the black fondant, but the rest is homemade. I first put a thin layer of chocolate ganache then covered the cake all in black fondant. I then found objects around the house to cut the fondant shapes I needed. I used 12 for the temperature icon for his age and 16 for the date icon for his birthdate. The others were chosen to compliment each other.

Once completed I brushed on a little light olive oil to give the glass effect. I made the cake on a Thursday and made the fondant, then iced/decorated it on the Friday. The party was Saturday and was still lovely for days following.

My son was thrilled with the cake.

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