Cool DIY iPod Birthday Cake

After I made my husband’s 30th birthday beach cake my girlfriend asked me to make her 30th birthday cake. As long as I’ve known her she always loved music. And whenever she’s at home she always has her IPOD playing some docking station.

This Ipod Birthday Cake is 3-layer 13×9 cake. I used 2 yellow cake mixes and 1 funfetti cake mix. I put a thin layer of butter cream frosting in-between the layers and around. My husband and I made marshmallow fondant (marshmallow and powdered sugar). We added red food coloring till we got the shade of pink I wanted. We rolled out the fondant and covered the cake. I made another small batch of fondant for the IPOD screen and headphone wires. I used Wilton premade icing letters for the Happy Birthday. I didn’t want to stick the candles in the cake so I made a holder out of the left over fondant.

Everyone at the party LOVED the cake. Some even asked if I was a baker! Cake making is addicting. I hope my cake inspires you to try one as well.

Happy Baking!

2 thoughts on “Cool DIY iPod Birthday Cake”

  1. How did you make the fondant? is there a recipe I can follow?? The cake looks fabulous, and my daughter wants one for her birthday this year!

  2. I found the recipe online. You’ll need a large microwaveable bowl, 16 oz. bag of white mini-marshmallows, 2 lbs. powdered sugar, about 2 tbsp. water, 1/2 cup shortening and a rolling pin.
    Some recipes don’t include the shortening and replace it with more powdered sugar but I highly recommend shortening. As the shortening is applied to your work surface and hands to kneed the sugar and marshmallow.

    1 – coat work area with shortening
    2 – heat the marshmallow in the bowl for 30-40 seconds
    3 – add the sugar and stir till you can stir anymore. you can also add your food coloring here.
    4 – coat your hands with shortening
    5 – take the dough like mixture and knead it like bread dough until its not sticky and form it into a ball (stretch the dough to see if it tears easily. if so add a little water and knead it again)
    7 – coat your rolling pin with shortening and rollout the fondant to the size you’ll need to cover your cake.

    You may need to play with the amount of marshmallow and sugar depending on the size of your cake.

    Let me know how it turns out. = )

    Good Luck and Happy Baking.


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