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Coolest Jeep Birthday Cake

This Jeep Birthday Cake was made for my brother who has a 4 wheel drive just like this. It was a bit hit at his party and he was a bit hesitant to cut it!

I baked 4 chocolate rectangular cakes, one large sheet cakes for the mud and 2 small rectangle cake (like you would use for a slice) and then one smaller (that you’d use to make a loaf).

I positioned 4 chocolate cupcakes facing outwards as the wheels onto the sheet cake and then dig out holes to make the truck look bogged in mud once done.

I thn iced the sheet cake with a chocolate soft icing I bought and rolled out(if I could do it again I would have just made my own chocolate frosting to look more effective).

Now this is the fun part, I put the cupcakes into their little grooves I had made on the sheet cake and then placed one of the smaller rectangle cakes on top. I had to cut bits out from underneath to sit well on top of the wheels and added hidden cake underneath so it wouldn’t give way in the middle. Once all good I secured it with skewers. I put the smaller cake on top to make the cabin part and then cut out a very thin piece to use as the wind shield. I iced the truck with an army green colour I had concocted.

For decoration I added musk sticks as the roof racks and marshmallow with tooth picks as the spot lights on top, choc freckles as the front lights and licorice as the mags and cut thin slices of it to make the grill at the front and bananas as the mud flaps. I tried drawing on the doors with a black tube icing but it soon melted down as I rang out of time to let it set in the fridge long enough.

I sprinkled caramel flakes on the mud and positioned some chocolate stick biscuits as logs on the mud.

MY TIP IS: to allow a couple of hours at least to be creative and have extra cake on hand to use to cut to shape and position just in case you need to give the cake more support.