This King Birthday Cake I made for my husband’s 40th Birthday. I couldn’t decide what I should bake for him, but after long thinks I decided to make a king character cake. All details I made myself from a sugar paste. It was a hard work. The king didn’t want to stick, but after several murderous attempts I’ve done it finally. Making the king figure took me a few days, it needed to be dry.

So when the king was ready I began to make the cake. At first I prepared sponge cakes made from flour, sugar, eggs and dark blueberry jam and some cream. I baked two sponge cakes and another two normal white sponges, because it was a two layers cake.

Between sponges I put a delicious cream made from a fine semolina, cooked with milk. Next I put a butter, sugar and a little bit of lemon peel to mix the cream and it’s ready. The cake was very tasty, believe me.

At the end the cake was covered with royal sugar paste. We had invited a few friends for the birthday party and everyone really loved the cake.