Coolest Lady Bug Cake

This is a lady bug cake I made for a friend who loves lady bugs. The cake is a box cake mix, vanilla. Made in half of a soccer ball cake pan, with a six inch can under it. Vanilla icing in between the layers. Then covered in buttercream, then put in fridge to set. It is covered in rolled red fontant, dyed with gel. The black dots are fontant as well. Cut with small cookie cutter.

The flowers are cut with fontand mold, then double, same with the leaves. The face is made from a cup cake I cut in half iced and covered in fondant. The antena is made from fontant covered preztel. I used a fontant shaping tool to make the mouth and the line one the the lady bugs back. I glued the dots and eyes and flowers all on with clear vanilla. I find freezing the cakes make them better to work with.

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