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Coolest Lego Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Lego Birthday Cake Idea for my nephew’s 7th birthday. He is a big fan of Legos. I made a 9×13 and loaf pan size chocolate cakes that I cut to squares as perfect as possible. The green square is part of the loaf pan cake. I also made some Italian buttercream for the icings (separated it in 3 to add the different colors) and I made some brownies for the connectors instead of fondant or just plain icing.

I used the tin (cleaned and sanitized) of the tea light candles to cut the brownies because I don’t have a cookie cutter that small. I used the same buttercream for the fonts. I borrowed my nephew’s Lego toys and used as decoration. I was going to write “Lego” on the connectors but I ran out of colored buttercream.

This is the first Lego cake I’ve made. My son wants a Darth Vader for his 9th birthday and that might be a real challenge.

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