Coolest Lego Cake

For my sons’ 6th and 4th birthday party, we went with a Lego theme. I layered 2 devils food sheet cakes with chocolate ganache and covered with white chocolate buttercreme frosting. Using red/yellow/blue/green colored fondant, I cut out .5 in by 1.5 inch lengths and layered in a repeating sequence on two sides of the cake. The top pieces had to be cut 1/4 inch wider to accommodate the “spread”. Rolled fondant cut in small slices were applied as the Lego “nubs”. The remaining cake was covered with white fondant. I used the Lego Popsicle, cake mold and ice cube molds to make white and dark chocolate lego people and lego bricks to decorate the top and sides. A few real construction lego figures and some rolled fondant were used to finish the look of a cake that was still being constructed.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Lego Cake”

  1. Your cake is fabulous! My brother is a HUGE Lego fan, and would love to have a cake like this. Maybe I will try to construct one like this :)

  2. Love this cake! Wish I could find the Lego man mold for under 150$!!! need to find another way to make him myself.

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