Don’t be like me kids. I decided exactly 3 days before Dave’s birthday that I would make him a Lego cake. Unfortunately, something came up the Thursday before his birthday, so I didn’t get to make it and take my time like I wanted. Regardless, he loved his Legos and I got 800 cool wife points.

I used the recipe from Betty Crocker’s website ( which made things really easy. Normally I would have made the cake from scratch as well as the frosting, but that whole time crunch thing had me using a boxed cake and frosting in a can. Truth be told, I was embarrassed, but no one knew since I always make cakes from scratch.

My best tip from making this is obviously, level your cake. Had I taken my time, I would have made a two layer Lego cake and I would have used a mini-muffin pan to make the pegs instead of using marshmallows. Also, beware, it takes a lot of food coloring gel to get the bright intense colors. The red and blue blocks stain your mouth and teeth, so have a toothbrush ready!