Coolest Lego Cake

Don’t be like me kids. I decided exactly 3 days before Dave’s birthday that I would make him a Lego cake. Unfortunately, something came up the Thursday before his birthday, so I didn’t get to make it and take my time like I wanted. Regardless, he loved his Legos and I got 800 cool wife points.

I used the recipe from Betty Crocker’s website ( which made things really easy. Normally I would have made the cake from scratch as well as the frosting, but that whole time crunch thing had me using a boxed cake and frosting in a can. Truth be told, I was embarrassed, but no one knew since I always make cakes from scratch.

My best tip from making this is obviously, level your cake. Had I taken my time, I would have made a two layer Lego cake and I would have used a mini-muffin pan to make the pegs instead of using marshmallows. Also, beware, it takes a lot of food coloring gel to get the bright intense colors. The red and blue blocks stain your mouth and teeth, so have a toothbrush ready!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Lego Cake”

  1. Thanks for your tips on what not to do. I am making a Lego cake this weekend and have triple booked myself so anything that cuts off time or prevents disaster is REALLY helpful.

    We are always our worst critics – that’s what makes us good, but I have to say that the cakes do look like legos so your mission was accomplished! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing the photo of your Lego cake and the advice. I was volunteered somehow to make a birthday cake for my nephew who is turning 5 years old next weekend. I mentioned that I had saw a Lego cake on the internet and that is what the grandmother is wanting for the birthday now. I have no idea how to get started but you gave a lot of help insight and thank you for sharing the website link. You gave so much more insight, advice, etc… with your cake than I have read with any of the other Lego cakes. You have been a big help although I’m still not for sure if I can make this cake or not. I haven’t decorated a cake in years and really worried. Anyway, thank you for everything.

  3. I’m really glad to read your comments and ideas, I thought about using marshmallows but I guess that’s not such a good idea, so I will follow your advice and get min cupcake pans. Thank you for taking the time to post your idea to help others

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