Coolest Little Einstein Rocket Cake

I created this Little Einstein Rocket Cake after looking at the many ideas on this website. My son is obsessed with Little Einsteins and Rocket. So naturally it was the theme for his second birthday. I took pieces from each idea and this was the end result. It turned out fantastic.

I took half a sheet cake and iced it with butter cream icing tinted with blue gel. I piped clouds on it to make the “sky” and added a border around the bottom of the cake. To create rocket I molded rice krispie treats using a oval shaped corning ware bowl and a small glass mixing bowl for the very top. I decorated him with red and blue icing to look like Rocket.

Then I placed him on the iced sheet cake. I used iced Twinkies for the boosters on the side, Necco wafers for headlights and rocket booster, and a red Dum Dum for his antenna (color the stick red). I only wish I could learn to write better on the cake.

My son loved it as did all our guest. This was my first experience with decorating any cake and I really enjoyed it!

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  1. I like you’re idea to make rocket with rice krispie treats instead of cake, easier for me to mold and work with. Great job!


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