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Coolest Little Einsteins Birthday Cake Idea

I made my Little Einsteins Birthday Cake Idea using 9 in round pans. I cut across the cake to make 2 unequal halves so that when I stacked them and lined up the straight edges, it created a “stage” for me to place the characters on “grass” with a blue sky background. I used 3D stickers which I attached with tape to toothpicks, and then stuck them in the cake.

The stickers I purchased on Ebay because my kids didn’t have all 4 toy figurines and I didn’t want to spend $20 on the set. The stickers cost me less than $2 and are so cute! I had leftover music note stickers that I attached to the cake and also the cloud sign I made from cardstock.

This was one of the faster, easier cakes I made as I didn’t have much time to put it together. I was so pleased with how it came out, and it was pretty inexpensive! (I would have loved to make a rocket but I didn’t want to make red icing, if you’ve ever made red before, you know how much dye it takes!)

Also, I used pieces of plastic straws that I pierced through the layers to hold it together. It probably could have used a cake plate cut to size under the top layer, with straws (or dowels) underneath it to hold it up…mine started sagging with all the weight in the back, but we ate it pretty fast within a few hours of making it! I also noticed that my cloud sign absorbed the “grease” from the frosting, hence the stain on the bottom half. That could be easily fixed by attaching it to straws or toothpicks inserted into the cake, instead of pushing the actual cardstock into the icing.

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  1. Cute cake! I’m trying to find a Little Einsteins cake and this seems to be an easier one for me to attempt (i’m a newbie). How’d you make the ‘grass’? :-)


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