Coolest Little Einstein’s Rocket Cake

My inspiration and planning for this Little Einstein’s rocket cake came entirely from the cakes I found on this website. For my son’s 2nd birthday, we did a Little Einstein’s theme. I loved the idea of the rocket cake but I have never made/decorated a cake in my life.

I used the cakes from this site as my guide. The only thing I did different was my cake pan. I bought the Wilton 3D Easter Egg pans (make cake in both halves and put together for an egg look). I made both sides but only filled one side with half as much batter. I put the larger “egg” on its flat side and the smaller on top for the window. I did have to shave it down a little bit to get the right shape.

After refrigerating it, the carving was pretty easy. I used red gel dye to tint my icing after I was unsuccessful with food coloring (I didn’t want a pink Rocket!). I iced Twinkies and shaped graham crackers for the rocket sides. White gumdrops for the headlights, sticker from activity book for the window, red lollipop for the top. Black piping gel for the finishing touches.

The cake turned out wonderful. Thanks for all the ideas. Everyone loved it especially my son, who shouted “ROCKET!!” as I brought it out. Can’t ask for more than that!

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  1. You have inspired me to do my own cake!! You did a great job! The twinkie idea is great as well as the sticker from the sticker book!


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