Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

This Little Einsteins Rocket Cake was for my nephew who loves Little Einsteins. To begin I baked 1 6″ round, 1 8″ round and for the dome of Rocket a 3″ deep 6″ round and cupcakes for the engines. I made these cakes and 4 days before the birthday party and froze them. This made them much easier to carve and get good curves.

Rocket is widest in the middle so the smaller cake goes on the bottom then a cardboard cake board then the bigger cake and then the smaller one for the cake dome. The middle board will need to support the engines so take that shape into account when drawing the board. Stack cakes according to size and place fillings. I also cut dowels to support the lower level and one long dowel to keep top and lower levels together. I placed a dowel through two cupcakes for the engines.

The Fins and Antennae and headlights are painted gumpaste attached to toothpicks. I then covered the cakes in buttercream and then the red buttercream. I then cut out the windshield in blue fondant and piped a darker red around it. I also painted a backdrop with white clouds for the finishing touch and placed the figures in front of the cake.

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