Cool Homemade Lollipop Cake

This Homemade Lollipop Cake was a winner for my daughter’s 7th Birthday and so easy! First of all make a double sized round cake so obviously you need to have a tall sided round cake tin. I used two butter cake packet mixes and blended them together to make double the mixture and then separated them to make 3 coloured batters by adding food colourings. I used green, blue and pink but you could use whatever you wanted to!

Next add blobs of the 3 coloured cake batters til they are all used up and ready to cook as one cake! Then choose icing colour of your choice. I used a bright pink butter icing and then used red licorice to make the swirls from the middle out. I found a pretty pink ribbon to line around the outside of the cake and then folded a piece of white paper into a cylinder for the lollipop handle and pushed through one end of the cake. I added some curling ribbon and found candy lettering to write happy birthday on the handle.

I then wrapped a long cutting board in white paper and stuck kissing mouth stickers all over it and then placed the cake on it. These are all optional of course but adds to the overall effect of the cake.

Then when the time comes watch all those surprised faces when you cut into the cake and it’s the colour of rainbows! This was the coolest bit.


Homemade Lollipop Cake

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