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Coolest Champagne Birthday Cake

For a family friend’s birthday I was asked to make a chocolate cake. I decided to keep with this theme I would also use chocolate for decoration instead of icing. As she had recently got a job promotion, I wanted to put a champagne bottle and glasses on there, and as her nickname has been ‘Princess/Queenie’ for many years I thought a crown would be perfect to finish the design.

I printed the lettering off the computer so I could do fancy lettering and keep it neat and in proportion. I taped wax paper over the lettering and traced with melted white chocolate in a piping bag. I also freehanded a champagne bottle, glass and crown on more wax paper. I put them in the fridge to chill and harden while I made the chocolate cake and iced with chocolate frosting.

When done, I peeled the lettering and shapes off the paper (they come off very easily!) and stuck them in the icing. For a finishing touch I iced a green label onto the bottle to make sure people knew it was champagne.

This champagne birthday was a simple cake to make and only took about an hour, yet it looked so professional and both I and the birthday girl were impressed!

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