Coolest Make Up Cake

I made this Make Up cake for my Mary Kay grand opening I had. I wanted a cake that had make up on it. I got some ideas from a cake on this website and decided to make some of my own.

I baked a 10 inch round cake and iced it with purple buttercream icing. I used pink sprinkles and pink cake sparkles (which is a type of sprinkles) to put on it.

I molded the make up pieces out of fondant. I bought white fondant and used pearl dust to give it the shiny look. I used silver, bronze, and orchid pink. To put the shimmer/pearl dust on the fondant you just take a clean paint brush and add some clear vanilla extract to it and dip your brush in the pearl dust and paint it on the fondant. I would suggest to color your fondant first then add the shimmer.

It took me a very long time to get the silver to cover up the white. I have made this cake 3 times now and the second time I colored the fondant gray and it cut hours off the time. When I made the lipstick I made it in 4 pieces and then attached them with by adding water to the fondant because it acts like glue. I then stuck a toothpick in the bottom of it to stick it in the cake to stand up.

To make the compact stand up I stuck 2 toothpicks in it carefully and stuck it in the cake. The mascara I made was also out of fondant. For the wand I used a lolly pop stick and colored it with a black edible marker.

For the brushes on the wand I used black fondant and make markings in it and them put black icing color on it to give it that wet look. I also put that on the opening to the tube to give it a wet look.

Everyone loved my cake and could not believe you could eat the makeup. It took a couple of days to make the makeup but it was well worth it. The second and third cake was much easier to make. The second cake I made I needed to feed more people so I made a round cake and put the star cake pan on top of it. The round cake was pink icing with purple sprinkles and the star cake was purple icing with pink sprinkles.

Coolest Make Up Cake

Coolest Make Up Cake

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