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Coolest Maltese Cake

I created this Maltese Cake for Father’s Day for my father-in-law who loves his Maltese dog. Everyone thought the cake looked just like the dog. I used the basket weave tip to create the hair and layered it a little for effect. It was yellow cake. The icing was butter cream. I trimmed the cake in blue. I added blue puppy prints to the top and sides of the cake. I recommend you take a notepad and draw out the face of the maltese first. Then you can look at this drawing when drawing the face on the cake.

I used a rose tip to do the little pink tong. It just so happens that the little dog was wearing a blue bow in real life, and I had chosen to do a blue bow on the cake that day too.

This was my third cake ever. Everyone enjoyed the cake. I got a request to do a cat cake after this one. I really enjoyed making these cakes and I believe we all enjoyed eating them.

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