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Coolest Margaritaville Parrot Cake

My husband is a huge Jimmy Buffet and Pirate fan so I made him this Margaritaville parrot cake for his birthday.

I used 8, 6″ round cakes, sandwiched them together with cake boards and supports in between two layers (4 cake boards). I carved the cakes to give a bird shape then draped the head in white fondant. Using a flower cutter that has a feather looking edge, I cut out many, many fondant pieces in red and multi colors for the feathers and applied them up the cake.

The tail is made by just layering the fondant pieces and sticking them together (that is why it is short-it kept falling off!). The eyes are fondant cut with icing tips to give me perfect circles and the beak is fondant I molded into the shape of a beak. My husband made the stand (thinking it was for a customer) out of metal pipe I covered in food grade tape (the fondant was never eaten off the pipe) then coated in brown fondant. which was screwed into a piece of wood for the base.

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