Coolest Med School Lab Jacket Cake

Three months ago I saw a picture of a lab coat cake, and HAD to have it for my son’s graduation from Medical School.

I began an intensive search for a bakery to make a lab coat cake, and couldn’t find one. So, I decided I had to learn how to make one! So I have been making cakes for every occasion for three months. (woo-hoo – the sun is shining, make a cake!) The outcome was so worth it! I am sorry I can’t credit the original cake maker, and my inspiration, but that was three months ago, and I have no idea where I saw it. But thank you for my inspiration!

I used a 15×18 pan, and made the tie, pen, and pin of gum paste in advance. I purchased a brand new dress shirt from Goodwill, for $1.50, cut out the collar, and made a template from that. I used a sewing pattern wheel to make stitches all around the pocket and name tag, and shirts. Blocked the last name on the tag, since it is the www.

The stethoscope is the only thing that is not edible. I made that from clay so as to save it. You could easily make it from modeling chocolate though. Well, it has been so much fun, and the homemade med school lab jacket cake was a big hit at the party! And my grandson’s are loving this journey…

Some quotes I have overheard… “I love having a Nana that makes great cakes!”… “I LOVE my Nana’s fondant!” (I make marshmallow fondant and add almond extract. I also love maple extract, but, that colors the fondant a light beige color, which is OK for some things, but it is delicious!!).

I love this site, I have gotten so many ideas here! Thank you all for sharing. Jeannie

2 thoughts on “Coolest Med School Lab Jacket Cake”

  1. What we do for our kids,huh?
    That’s how I went into cake making. I had a son that was entering school and I knew I would need extra money to buy him ‘stuff’. I didn’t want to leave my home so I learned how to make cakes. My business went through the roof! He graduated with a Masters degree and I’m still making cakes. I don’t do weddings or quincineras, but I still do “requests”, and your lab coat is one of those requests. Thanks for posting it!

    Sylvia Garcia

  2. Good luck with your lab coat Sylvia! That was my first and still favorite cake! I’d love to see your cake when your done. And yes! What we do for our kids!


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