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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake

This Homemade Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake was the first cake I have ever made in any real form. I did bake my own wedding cake but I didn’t ice or prepare it for the reception.

My neighbor and a few family members helped me on this cake because it was so large and time consuming. It took about 1 week to complete and there are a few items that were not edible. The non-edible portions are the characters, the head of the clubhouse, the slide and the poles of the hand balloon.

We used rice crispies, cake, fondant, and homemade icing to create this cake. The reason the cake is so large is that I wanted it to be to scale for the characters I purchased to decorate the cake.

Homemade Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Homemade Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

1 thought on “Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake”

  1. I love how realistic your cake looks! It really looks amazing in the photos. I am planning to make my daughter’s 2nd birthday cake in March 2012 and her birthday theme will be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because she LOVES the show.

    I really liked your cake of all the cakes I looked at. I was wondering how you made the basket for the hand hot-air balloon? I was also wondering how you were able to make gray fondant (did you use a gray gel dye- because I can’t seem to figure how to make it that color?)

    I was also wondering what size your cake was? You stated it was large but never gave the dimensions of the cake pans you used and the total size of the final cake. Also what did you use to make the red dome (or pants)? Was it a special cake pan or was it made out of rice-krispies?

    My last question is did you have to use a special cake batter to support all the pieces or were the pieces you made lighter than one would think?


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