Coolest Yeungling Birthday Cake

My brother Mike had always wanted a Yeungling bottle for a cake and thought that it was a perfect idea for his 30th birthday. This Yeungling birthday cake is two layers (one chocolate and one vanilla) and was sculpted to resemble the shape of the bottle.

To get the correct shape I enlarged and printed out on three pages a picture of a Yeungling bottle I found online. The icing was all done in butter cream with the exception of the cap, and labels. These were done in white fondant that I had tinted ivory to look like the actual Yeungling label.

The cap I hand painted with gold luster dust and the writing on the top label I wrote with a black food coloring pen. The hardest part of the label was the eagle, I cut out the eagle from the printout of the label and used an exacto-knife to cut it out of the fondant. I used brown food coloring to paint it in.

All in all, Mike’s birthday party and the cake were a total surprise for him and everyone seemed to love the cake!

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